Current Research Projects


Virtual Rehabilitation

1.  Studying the influence of Leap Motion sensor in hand therapy with patients with tunel carpal (Marília, Nathalia, Emanuella);

2.    3D-Game for stimulate patients in hand therapy (Marília, Nathalia, Emanuella);

3.    Development of a Virtual Goniometer using Leap motion sensors (Renno);

Sensors and Actuators

4.    Piezoelectret sensors applied on low pressure measurements (Leandro and Ewerton);

5.    Development of new piezoelectret sensors (Yuri – USP São Carlos).

6.    Development of a humidity sensor using piezoelectrets (Leandro);

7.  3D-printig technology used on development of piezoelectrets (Dr. Yuri Assagra and Janisley); 


8.   Smart-Home – development of automatization system for controlling day-life devices at home (Ewerton, Leandro and Jefferson);

9.    Smart-Home – security control system, using NRF24L01 modules (Caio Albuquerque);

10.  New ceramic sensors for smart-home autonomous irrigation system (Smith and Jordy);

Sunglass Lenses

11.    Influence of UV light in sunglass lenses, how different countries deals with its regulations (Prof. Ruy and Liliane Ventura from USP São Carlos).