Master Thesis defense

On Friday 26th the student Renno E. Diniz Vale will defend his master thesis entitled: Smartphone app for producing and editing videos focusing on video coaching. Date: Agust 26th 14:00

LMI at CI-Computer Week 2022

LMI – Coordinators, Prof. Ruy Altafim and Mardson Amorim will be presenting a short introduction of the lab’s new projects and developments. The presentation will be during the computer week. (18/08/2022)

Team Meeting

Prof. Dr. Ruy Alberto Pisani Altafim and Prof. Dr. Mardson Freitas de Amorim presented LMI’s new certificate policy last Friday’s meeting. According to it, every student who wants to collaborate with the researchers’ team has to undergo a series of...

CEIDP 2017 – Fort Worth USA

Prof. Dr. Ruy Alberto Pisani Altafim, presenting a collaborative work with the University of São Paulo at the 2017 Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP), in Fort Worth Texas/USA. The work Detection of acoustic emissions from partial...