Team Meeting

Prof. Dr. Ruy Alberto Pisani Altafim and Prof. Dr. Mardson Freitas de Amorim presented LMI’s new certificate policy last Friday’s meeting. According to it, every student who wants to collaborate with the researchers’ team has to undergo a series of tasks divided into five categories: E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5. The student obtains a new certificate once he finishes all of the assignments, from E1 to E5, of a particular category.

At the end of the meeting, the students talked about the progress they have made on the projects they are working on.

CEIDP 2017 – Fort Worth USA

Prof. Dr. Ruy Alberto Pisani Altafim, presenting a collaborative work with the University of São Paulo at the 2017 Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP), in Fort Worth Texas/USA. The work Detection of acoustic emissions from partial discharges in distribution transformers with piezoelectret transducers, discuss the possibility of detecting partial discharges inside distribution transformers filled with oil using piezoelectret-based sensors. The advantages of the proposed transducer is their reduced cost compared to regular acustic systems.

ISE 2017 – Leuven

Professor Ruy Alberto Pisani Altafim and Professor Ruy Alberto Corrêa Altafim, presenting their collaborative work at the 16th International Symposium on Electrets in Leuven-Belgium. The work is part of Dr. Daniel Rodrigo Falconi Ph.D. thesis, where it was presented a new concept for measuring high voltages discharges in power distribution lines using electret films as a base for sensors.

JAP – New Publication

Prof. Dr. Ruy Alberto Pisani Altafim together with Prof. Dr. Axel Mellinger and his Ph.D. studend Neerajan Nepal, both from Central Michigan University, just have a new publication on the Journal of Applied Physics. The paper entitle: Space charge deposition in tubular channel ferroelectrets: A combined fluorescence imaging/LIMM study with finite element analysis, shows the evolution of electrical charging on ferroelectrets with open tubular channels. Through this work, it was demonstrated how the electrical charges are formed inside the channels during the barrie discharges.

Group Meeting – 05/05/2017

Group Meeting 05052017Last Friday during our regular group meetings, we had two presentations. The first talk was about the device communication protocol L3, developed by Prof. Dr. Mardson and in analysis by the student Wilter Dias, who also gave the talk. The other presentation was about the evolution of the Smart-Home Project (SHS) and the next challenge on 3D-maps for blinds, project in development by the student Jefferson Lacerda.